Rhonda is married with three children. Early in the marriage, she knew she needed to get a better job to help the family financially. Even though she was employed, her lack of education was preventing her from earning more.

With help from her local Community Action Agency, Rhonda set a goal for herself of going back to school. If that wasn’t a big enough goal, she also committed herself to receiving at least a "B" grade in her classes so her employer would reimburse her tuition costs. That way, she would have a degree that cost her very little and she would have the skills necessary to apply for better positions.

When she graduated, Rhonda applied for an assistant branch manager position at a local bank. She got the job—and a large increase in her salary. In fact, Rhonda’s income brought the family up over the poverty level. She and local CAA staff happily agreed to close her file.

Not only that, but the family was later able to qualify to buy a home based on Rhonda’s income alone.

Employment ABCs: Success Story

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