New Job Calendar

Congratulations! You got that great new job!

Here's what to expect as you begin your new job.

First Day
  • Fill out forms for taxes, insurance, retirement plan, and other payroll deductions. Some employers may provide you with a packet of information and forms to fill out at home. Bring them back the next day.
  • Get a copy of the employee handbook.
  • Go through orientation, if the company offers it.
  • Meet with your boss to review expectations and receive your first assignment.
  • Introduce yourself to coworkers.
  • Arrange your desk, locker, or work space.

First Month

  • Read employee handbook.

  • Start to perform the duties of the position.

  • Learn the job's culture. There are always unwritten rules of procedure and behavior that a new employee will pick up. Be aware of these unspoken expectations.

  • Observe, listen, and learn. Ask questions when you're not clear about something.

  • Find a mentor (an experienced coworker) who can show you the ropes of the company and your position.

  • Visit the personnel or human resources office if you don't understand some of the benefits, policies, or procedures.