Tips for a Successful Career

The U.S. Department of Labor suggests the following five tips to be successful in the workplace.
  1. Born to be wired. Whether you work in an office or manage the crew that cleans it, computer skills are needed for most careers today. You don't have to be a computer wizard, just comfortable and competent.
  2. Get an edge, and keep it sharp. Workers must keep improving their skills throughout their working careers.
  3. Climb the corporate ladder. Stop thinking about moving up so fast and think more about picking up experience and new skills every day. If you focus on learning and doing your best, promotions will follow.
  4. Networking works. Improve your skills and job opportunities by actively talking with others in your industry or profession. Keep current. Information is the key to the future.
  5. There is no "I" in "team." More people will be working in teams. In some cases, these teams are connected electronically by the Internet. Learn to play all positions on the team.