Prospective Account Holder Questionnaire

When you apply to be an IDA account holder, you will fill out an information form. It may have questions similar to these.

Sample Prospective Account Holder Questionnaire

Applicant Name:

Desired Start Date:

Staff Interviewer:

Date of Interview:

Interview Questions

What is your savings goal? Why?

Have you estimated the cost of your desired asset?

How will you set aside $_______ or more to save each month?

For how long (years) would you like to save and participate in the program?

What do you think will be the greatest savings challenges for you?

Would anything keep you from attending meetings or workshops (child care, transportation)?

Other Comments:

Interview Outcome:


  • Meets household income requirements
  • Has sufficient earned income
  • Will be able to attend personal finance workshop


  • Applicant accepted and will start on: ________________________
  • Applicant advised he/she is not ready for the program at this time
  • Further follow-up needed; no decision at this time