Comparing Checking Accounts Worksheet

Call several financial institutions and talk with them about their checking accounts. Ask them to send you a brochure. Check out their websites. From all this information, make your comparison:

Checking account
Bank A (Name)

Bank B (Name)

Bank A (Name)

Savings & Loan (Name)

Credit Union (Name)

Minimum deposit to open account?

Monthly fee?

Cost of 200 new checks?

Monthly cost of online banking?

Minimum balance to avoid fees?

Fee for falling below minimum balance?

Bounced check fee?

Is there a "basic" account that costs less if I write only a few checks a month?

Teller fee?

Account reconciliation fee?

ATM card fee?

Are there any accounts that earn interest?

Convenient location and ATM locations?

The bank, savings & loan, or credit union I will use for my checking account is: