Positive Actions Offer Lasting Rewards

How we deal with our money affects how we feel about ourselves and how we view the world. Consider this chart. It shows how the positive actions you take have at least two levels of benefits.

Paying back old debts
  • Helps to repair a bad credit history
  • Gives you the ability to face the past, correct what you can, and leave the past behind

Giving up a costly habit, such as smoking
  • Gives you better health
  • You’ll have less financial waste
  • Develops stronger will power

Paying current bills on time
  • Builds a good credit record
  • You feel the honor that comes with keeping one’s word to repay

Setting aside money for savings
  • Funds are available to pay for a deposit on an apartment or other expense
  • Allows you to know that you have a future and can direct that future

Giving time or money to charitable groups
  • Can earn you a possible tax deductio
  • Helps you feel connected to the community and with those who need help
  • You learn to serve others
  • Gives hope to others who are struggling as you did

Getting a job
  • Gives you a steady income
  • Develops pride and self-worth

Avoiding pawnshops, check-cashing stores, and rent-to-own stores
  • Keeps your money from trickling away because of high interest charges or overpriced items
  • Builds integrity by refusing to give your money to businesses that often take advantage of the poor

Taking classes to improve job skills
  • Gives you a better chance to land and keep a job—and get ahead
  • Helps you know that you are capable of growing and improving