Through the years, many of us have developed negative and confusing ideas about money. We may have thought that it was the answer to all of our problems. Or, we may have blamed money for ruined relationships and other chaos in our lives. However, money is neither good nor bad. It's merely a tool for helping us live the life we want and deserve.

Since money is a tool, it may help to think of it as a hammer. If a hammer is used correctly, it can help build a fine home or solid furniture. If it’s used incorrectly, it can leave you with a sore thumb.

Your money also can be used as a tool to help build something wonderful—a stable, well-balanced life, with your dreams coming true.

To help you reach your goals more quickly, you may need to think about money differently and treat it in a new way. Here are some new ways to think about money.

My new agreements with money:

  • I will use my money so my family and I can live in a decent place in a safe neighborhood.
  • I will use my money to promote the physical and spiritual health of my family and myself.
  • I will use my money to help further the educational and personal growth of my family and myself.
  • I will use my money to provide for a secure future.
  • I will use my money to help other deserving people in need.

If you follow these agreements as closely as possible, your money can become a very powerful tool to help you build the better future you deserve.

Turning Your Dreams Into Goals: My New Agreements with Money

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