Becky, a single mother, was working nights as a bartender. But she had dreams. She wanted a better life for her two children. She knew this meant escaping poverty by finding a job that paid more.

After becoming involved with her local Community Action Agengy (CAA) program, she began studying for her GED. In only one month of studying, Becky earned her GED. The next step to her dream involved getting a better job.

As part of the CAA’s Subsidized Work Experience Program, she worked as a secretary/receptionist for eight weeks. After that, the company hired her full time—and gave her a raise and a promotion. Now, Becky is working toward earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration by attending college at night.

Through her hard work and focus on her goals, Becky is making her dreams a reality.

Turning Your Dreams Into Goals: Success Story

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