Sam, a widowed father of three, faced a financial crisis. Because of his low-wage job, he was several mortgage payments behind and facing foreclosure on his home. Sam’s wages made it difficult for him to make timely mortgage payments.

Feeling defeated, he visited a financial counselor at his local Community Action Agency office. The counselor went to bat for Sam. She helped him negotiate a payment plan with his mortgage company that would allow him to stay in the home while making payments he could afford. With help from the counselor, Sam also contacted his other creditors and worked out repayment plans with them, too.

But that was only the beginning. Sam was committed to learning how to develop a spending plan and stick to it. He also opened a savings account to be used for unexpected expenses. By learning to manage his money better, he and his family are now financially secure and the threat of being homeless is gone.

Your Housing Options: Success Story

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