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I. Turning Your Dreams into Goals
What Are My Goals—Worksheets:
Reaching My Goals—Worksheets:
II. Managing Your Money
Living Within Your Means—Worksheets:
Saving Money/Spending Plan—Worksheets:
Benefits of Using a Bank or Credit Union—Worksheets:
Using Credit Wisely—Worksheets:
Your Kids—Worksheets:
III. Employment ABCs
What Do You Want in a Job?—Worksheets:
What to Look for in a Job—Worksheets:
Making Yourself Employable—Worksheets:
Applications and Resumes—Worksheets:
Preparing for a Job Interview—Worksheets:
The Days After the Interview—Worksheets:
Understanding Your Paycheck—Worksheets:
IV. Individual Development Accounts
How Does the IDA Program Work?—Worksheets:
What Can I Do with My IDA Money?—Worksheets:
V. Your Housing Options
Tips for Renters—Worksheets:
Tips for Owners—Worksheets:
Is Your Housing at Risk Now?—Worksheets: